INLAND EMPIRE, David Lynch. / Installation views of CORRIDOR, Pictures by Dieter Van Caneghem.


︎︎︎ 22.06.2023 - 19:45u

Budascoop, Kapucijnenstraat 10, 8500 Kortrijk

EN     As an epilogue to CORRIDOR, Elders is organising a screening in collaboration with Arts Centre BUDA of the newly released 4K restoration of INLAND EMPIRE, David Lynch's alienating masterpiece. Reality and fiction, past and future become almost impossible to distinguish in this four-dimensional puzzle in which a Hollywood actress gets lost in her subconscious and the film sets via the script she is interpreting.The film was shot with a digital camera, completely independently produced and originally released in 2006 which makes the cinematic experience of this new restoration extra worthwhile. English version without subtitles.


︎︎︎ 19.04.2023 - 19:00u

David Claerbout - The Silence of the Lens
Concertstudio, Conservatoriumplein 1, 8500 Kortrijk

EN     ELDERS welcomes David Claerbout (b. 1969, Kortrijk) for a lecture on his artists' practice on 19 April. His work 'Travel' was part of our last exhibition CORRIDOR. David Claerbout lives and works in Antwerp and Berlin. He is known for his video installations, which he exhibits worldwide. We hope to see you at our very first Art Talk and convivial drink in the concert studio. The doors open at 19h and the lecture will start at 20h sharp. The language of this lecture is Dutch. The lecture is free with the possibility of a free contribution.

26.11.2022 - 08.01.2023

Jan Persijnstraat 1, 8500 Kortrijk
Open every day 2-6 pm starting January 2nd until finissage weekend 7-8 January.
NOCTURNAL OPENING until 10 pm January 6th.

NL/ EN      CORRIDOR is the second exhibition by ELDERS. By showing contemporary installations with an immersive character this project creates a parallel universe offering an escape from our daily reality, but at the same time opens up unexpected perspectives on it. With works by Darren Bader, Julie Béna, David Claerbout, Antoinette d’Ansembourg, Simon Lehner, Laure Prouvost, Janne Schimmel and Marianna Simnett

ELDERS invites the visitor to experience very different worlds, perception is questioned, but also the way we deal with our daily existence that spans over widely diverse realities, media and platforms. A range of contemporary technological media including video, augmented reality and interactive installations is deployed to open the gates to different dimensions. Mesmerizing melodies, rhythmic whispers and otherworldly, almost magical characters lure the visitor into the multiverse of CORRIDOR.

Through the corridor, symbolized by an architectural intervention by LEAGUE and 51N4E, the visitor enters the exhibition to discover a secluded garden at the heart of the city. Hidden away from the noise and distractions of the outside world, with a historical and decaying building overgrown by plants. At this unique location in the center of Kortrijk, the experience is augmented by an interdimensional winterbar that forms the gateway to the various portals of the exhibition.

Arriving at the threshold, a synthetic siren appears at the entrance, conjuring us with flute sounds and calling us into the corridor. The constant and captivating music and moving images are created by data sets of Marianna Simnett in disguise that were fed in an Artificial Intelligence model. When we follow the lights into the corridor, we come across a scene by Simon Lehner, who questions the contemporary constructs of identity, creating a synthesis between his own input and patterns generated by  algorithms and 3D printing.

Through a door on the other side, we discover an arcade where the world of Janne Schimmel functions as an interface between this world and the virtual reality of computer games. The visitor is invited to participate in the game and walk through this programmed world as the protagonist. Sneaking digitally constructed creations through the screens of our smartphones by Augmented Reality into what we perceive as our real world, Darren Bader adds an intangible layer throughout the exhibition.

We enter the hidden garden where looming lights are visible in an abandoned house. The skeleton of a caravan inhabits the first room, where Julie Béna presents herself in an uncanny clownlike disguise. On the verge of horror and comedy her fictional characters grow towards catharsis, cleansing and reinforcement. Through the hallway and the black curtains we enter the secret flora of Laure Prouvost, digging into the subconscious like hungry insects, seduced by the hypnotizing whispers. The warm glow stimulates the spectacle into a burning climax.

Climbing the staircase to the first floor, we find a strange set of mutated organisms growing in a dilapidated space. They react to our presence but initially it's unclear if they're hostile or friendly... This biotope evolved on location through the investigations of Antoinette d’Ansembourg, culminating in a miniature sculptural forest. Turning back into the unknown, the final black veil confronts us. Stepping into this void we enter a world of comfort and bliss. We travel through pristine landscapes of natural beauty. David Claerbout blurs the boundaries of what we consider reality with high-definition animation technique, he interrogates the very essence of existence. Seemingly specific from a distance, but all-encompassing from within.  

As a whole, CORRIDOR offers its visitors a phenomenological journey through physical appearances, the dream world of the subconscious and new facets of social interaction where we encounter both ourselves and each other at the end of the tunnel.

Curated by ELDERS

Special thanks to Alaska Accounting, Allaert Alluminium, BROOKLYN brands and pants  Buda Arts centre, Bureau Cnockaert Urban IngeneeringCentrimo, Floram Plantendesign, Leiedal, Sileghem & Partners, Stad Kortrijk, OMER Vanderghinste, Vidisquare, Wever & Ducré and Wienerberger.

Project supported by Flanders State of The Arts.

Installation views of CORRIDOR. Pictures by Dieter Van Caneghem.