︎︎︎ 25.08 - 24.10.2022
Martin Belou, Paulien Föllings, Philip Janssens, Camille Le Meur, Sarah Margnetti, Marina Pinsky

In six empty store windows spread across the center of Kortrijk, six international artists (Martin Belou, Paulien Föllings, Philip Janssens, Camille Le Meur, Sarah Margnetti and Marina Pinsky) each show an installation they created especially for this exhibition, accompanied by a podcast with fragments of conversations with the artists and a soundtrack composed by Laura Huysmans, Mattias De Craene and Maya Dhondt. 

Our reality flows and is in constant motion. We are confronted with it and changed by it. Panta rhei. πάντα ῥεῖ . ALLES STROOMT. In the past year, walking has been rediscovered. With the closing of the bars and restaurants, we saw our cities in a different light. Walking became a goal in itself, a sensorial experience. We took the time to look at our surroundings differently. We are currently in many ways at a tipping point and are subject to coincidences, but we can choose how to deal with it and whether we continue to take our time to walk.

            With ALLES STROOMT, ELDERS wants to hold on to this urge to walk and the momentum that walking has known over the past year, now in a city that is blossoming and breathing again. ALLES STROOMT is a city walk and exhibition guided by the flow of music that asks you to walk like a 'flaneur' through the streets of Kortrijk, with an open mind to the beauty of chance. In six empty shop windows spread over the center of Kortrijk, six international artists: Martin Belou (France, 1986), Paulien Föllings (Netherlands, 1984), Philip Janssens (Belgium, 1980), Camille Le Meur (France, 1997), Sarah Margnetti (Switzerland, 1983) and Marina Pinsky(Russia, 1986). Each artist shows an installation that will change and evolve during the two months of the exhibition ALLES STROOMT.
            The empty shop windows are redefined by the installations as a symbol for the revival of the city. The works of art evolve in the course of ALLES STROOMT. This transformation ensures that the experience of the exhibition will be in constant evolution, not only due to our own state of mind, the weather conditions or other external factors, but also due to the intrinsical change of the artworks. By placing them in illuminated shop windows, they become part of the public space, constantly accessible and constantly changing.

            The visit is accompanied by a podcast with fragments of conversations with the artists and a soundtrack composed on the occasion of ALLES STROOMT by a trio of musicians: Laura Huysmans, Mattias De Craene and Maya Dhondt. Listen to the podcast here. The flow of music and conversations lead you through the different locations. The isolation from the city noises enhances the visual experience and sets the rhythm of the walk. Then it is up to you to let your imagination work. Walking is a necessary act; it frees your mind and gives space to your imagination. Just like the Dérivé, described by the Guy Debord, the various junctions, shop windows, serve as an intervention in the mental space of the city. It is a walk that is nor logical, nor purposeful, but shows new places in the city and brings new ideas.
            We hope that you take in everything that crosses your path with a distracted attention, surrounded by the anonymous crowd and in the best case, that you complete the route several times. Each visit will be a different experience that changes your perception of the city center and the artworks.

Laure Decock

Special thanks to Hélène Depondt for the artist residency, Muziekcentrum TRACK for the music residency, FOLD for editing the podcast and Constance Hautier for interviewing the artists. We would also like to thank the City of Kortrijk, Embassy of the Netherlands in Belgium, Vidisquare and Omer Vanderghinste for their generous support, as well as Marc Vandecandelaere, Schoenen Verduyn, Patrica De Wit and Dekeyser immo for making the properties available.